LOUISVILLE, Ky. — With the primary election just days away, candidates are making their final push to secure your vote. One of the frontrunners in the key race for Kentucky governor is Attorney General Daniel Cameron. 

What You Need To Know

  • Attorney General Daniel Cameron is one of 13 candidates looking to become the GOP nominee for Governor

  • Early voting for the primary is underway, and Election Day is May 16

  • Cameron has been a frontrunner among Republicans since announcing his campaign bid a year ago

  • Cameron has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump

Since becoming Attorney General, Cameron has touted his various legal battles against current Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear and the federal government. 

“There’s only one candidate in this race that has beaten Andy Beshear when he got churches reopened in Kentucky,” Cameron said during the Spectrum News GOP debate this March. “There’s only one candidate that’s beaten Joe Biden when he tried to threaten enforced vaccine mandates here in the Commonwealth, and there’s only one candidate that has gotten abortion facilities close since last August.”

Cameron has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, and organizations like Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America and Kentucky Right to Life. 

Cameron, who is anti-abortion, supports the current state law barring the procedure. The current law does not have exceptions for rape or incest. 

“And so I will continue to support the Human Life Protection Act and the exception that exists there in but again, I understand the delicacy of this issue. But I want to make sure that I’m a governor that reflects the values of the men, women and children of our 120 counties and firmly believe that we’ve got to look out for those that are most vulnerable in our population — those that are in the womb,” Cameron said. 

On gender transition care for children, this is where Cameron said he stands: “We shouldn’t allow a miner to do something that could ultimately be irreversible,” he said. “Again, if you are an adult, that’s a different discussion. But I think we have got to get to a place as leaders where we say, enough is enough, and we’ve got to stand up for our minors.”

When it comes to gun violence, Cameron believes restricting who can purchase possess firearms is not the answer. 

“I often believe that we’ve got to make sure that we have strong mental health processes in place to help folks that are struggling on that front that might ultimately decide to commit one of these mass shootings, but I will not infringe upon our Second Amendment rights here in Kentucky,” Cameron said.

As for the economy, Cameron supports the lowering of the state income tax and says he would support the coal industry.