LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Sergio’s World Beers has about 1,700 different beers and over 40 on tap from all over the world. It doesn’t have a sign out front and is referred to as one of Louisville’s hidden gems.

What You Need To Know

  •  Sergio's World Beers has been operating in Louisville for almost 14 years

  •  It is a restaurant that serves food and beer from around the world

  •  The restaurant is owned by Sergio and Kelly Ribenboim, who are married

  • Between the variety of beers that they sell and the collections that are displayed throughout the restaurant, it offers customers a unique experience

Husband and wife, Sergio and Kelly Ribenboim, have been at this location for almost 14 years, and it has been open every day since.

“I’m a big collector,” said Sergio. “So one day I told her (Kelly) I had 6,000 different beer bottles at home and she said, ‘You know, you love to cook, you love to party… why don’t you make some money doing it?’ So my hobby has grown into my life… which is a lot of fun.”

His collection includes beer bottles, tap handles, and license plates from around the world which adorn the walls of the restaurant. Sergio has been to every country in the world and his passion for travel began at a young age.

On top of running Sergio’s, the couple travel often and take their customers on group trips.

“We try to introduce people to different countries through beer and then eventually it evolves into maybe travelling together… and it’s a cool thing, it’s really opening the whole world,” said Sergio.

Kelly gives tours and often fills in when Sergio is out of town.

“Our draft list is pretty curated,” said Kelly. “My husband strives to get the most rare, but authentic, beers that we can bring to Louisville. A lot of them, not only first time in Kentucky, but first time in the U.S.”

The restaurant attracts people from all over, and they get their customers through word of mouth.

Giving their patrons a fun and unique experience is what the couple enjoys.

“It’s so cool to see if I’m here working, like, someone will come in and they will see a beer from their country and, you know, you can just see their face light up,” said Kelly.

Selling beers is how they bring a taste of different parts of the world to those who frequent their restaurant.

Sergio’s is in the historic Butchertown neighborhood on the corner of Story Ave. and Frankfort Ave. They are open 365 days a year.