NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. — The effects of Friday’s storm were felt across the state. 

Jessica Peregrine, a Nicholasville resident, and her family lost power to their home for about 65 hours.

What You Need To Know

  • The storm system on Friday affected many people and families throughout Kentucky

  • Among the areas affected was Nicholasville

  • Jessica Peregrine and her family experienced a power outage for about 65 hours

  • They had to find creative ways to cook and get through the weekend without electricity

“With four kids, having to cook meals and not being able to cook... to do dishes and... to do laundry was really tough,” said Peregrine.

The family of six had to get creative. Despite not having power, they cooked at home so that they didn’t have to rely on spending money to eat out.

“We cooked on the Coleman Grill, and we also have a bonfire pit out in our backyard and we cooked our meals on the fire,” said Peregrine.

The wood that was used to light those fires in the pit came from a fallen tree in their yard.

“We had a really big tree fall in our backyard that took our fence out,” said Peregrine.

The fence was quickly fixed, and with only some minor damage to their roof, the most uncomfortable part of the ordeal for the family was not having heat. The temperature in their home got down to 58 degrees.

“I think I missed the heat the most,” said Peregrine. “That was what the biggest problem for me was.”

Despite all of issues that the family faced following the storm, Peregrine found a silver lining. Not having access to Wi-Fi or being able to turn on electronic devices had its perks.

“It really kind of made us find other things to do, and come together as a family a little bit more, and spend a little bit more time together, and kind of make up things to do,” said Peregrine.

The experience also made Peregrine appreciate the things that are often taken for granted.

“Be grateful for what you have because it can be gone, and it really affects your life once it is gone,” said Peregrine.

Power—and a sense of normalcy—was restored to the family’s home on Monday morning.