LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Working ten hour shifts, Alex Dodson is one of around 50 crew members from the Louisville Public Works Department hard at work to clean up the damage from the storm.  

What You Need To Know

  •  LG&E ranks Friday's storm as the third most significant storm in 20 years

  • The Public Works Department says that they have received 275 calls since Friday

  •  2,500 power lines were affected across their system        

“It’s been rough for everybody. I’d imagine there’s still people out there without power. Trees down, car wrecks, people wrecking into these trees — it’s a mess,” Dodson said. 

The Public Works Department says that they have received 275 calls since Friday. So far, they have been able to respond to 75% of the calls to remove fallen trees. 

The efforts are ongoing until all trees are taken care of. 

“We’re working Monday through Sunday. And they don’t really have a time limit for how long we’ll be out here just, I guess, until enough trees get up,” Dodson said. 

According to LG&E, the storm ranks as the third most significant weather event in the past 20 years.  2,500 power lines were affected in across their system. Tracy Morrison lost power on Friday until it was restored Monday afternoon. 

“So you couldn’t really tell which line was causing the outage for people, so it was really hard because none of our friends had [power],” Morrison said. 

Removing trees and restoring power seems to be the mission around Louisville. But dealing with these inconveniences can still be a challenge. 

“You don’t think about laundry, lights. You go into the rooms, turn on the light and nothing happens. And you’re like, ‘Okay, I haven’t gotten used to this yet.’” 

Louisville Public Works says that when an event like this happens, their employees have a commitment to the public to make sure they respond as quickly as possible. 

“It’s rough, but we like it, ya know. It’s enjoyable, and we got some hard workers up here and everyone enjoys the money that comes in,” Dodson said. 

Public Works asks citizens to be patient with them as it is a slow process. The crews are operating dangerous and heavy equipment which can’t be rushed. For more information on storm debris drop off sites visit the Louisville Metro website.