NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. — The Jessamine County Homeless Coalition is encouraging community members to come inside a shack to discuss issues within the community. 

The founder of the organization is living in a shack for the week to raise awareness about those experiencing homelessness. 

What You Need To Know

  •  Johnny Templin is living in a shack outside of the library for a week

  • The purpose of this is to encourage people to come have conversations and raise awareness of people experiencing homelessness

  • He will stay outside until Tuesday Dec. 6

  • The Jessamine County Homeless Coalition is hoping this will raise awareness for some issues within the community 

It’s an experience Johnny Templin says he has seen firsthand. 

“I was homeless for the last five of my six years in high school if it hadn’t been for a brother had me and my mom and dad move in,” Templin said.

His experience was a big motivation for starting the Jessamine County Homeless Coalition six years ago. 

“It’s about helping people and being active and seen in the community, to try to keep the conversation going so we can try to improve it for everybody,” Templin said.

One way Templin is encouraging those conversations is by living outside in a small shack for a week.

“I can lay on this thing, and the only way I can completely stretch out is by pushing this plywood in. I’m literally too small for it,” Templin said.

A chat inside the shack.

“We have a lock on the outside, so I can’t be shut out of it because in a homeless environment that does happen,” Templin said.

Experiencing issues some may face daily. 

“You might have everything behind Aaron’s rental in the dumpster and you’re perfectly fine, then you leave to go find food that day and somebody’s taking your spot,” Templin said.

A chance, Templin says, gives community members an opportunity to learn about some of those issues in Nicholasville. 

“The worst thing about stigmas is people don’t want to educate themselves to find out more details, rather just default to that original position,” Templin said.

Templin says with the help of his community and these conversations, he hopes to encourage and make a difference this winter in the lives of those in need.

The shack is in front of the Jessamine County Public Library. Templin plans to stay outside, available for conversations from now until Tuesday morning.