BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Two Western Kentucky Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) graduates were inducted into WKU ROTC’s Hall of Fame on Friday for their influential service in the Army. 

What You Need To Know

  •  Doug Verdier and "Ed" Houston were inducted into the WKU ROTC's Hall of Fame

  •  Houston was a pioneer in environmental toxicology

  •  Stewart Ward nominated Houston for the recognition

Doug Verdier and the late William Houston were honored at a Veterans Day event among their family and friends.

“What these two did is just a tremendous legacy of service,” Anthony Struzik, WKU Professor and Department Head of Military Science, said. Houston was known as one of the top soldier scientists in the world and was a pioneer in environmental toxicology. 

“This guy served his country, served his community, served his God, he did it all,” said Stewart Ward, who nominated Houston for the Hall of Fame. 

Ward didn’t know the late colonel personally, but graduated from the same high school, college and ROTC program. When he learned of Houston’s death in December of last year, he felt Houston should be honored for his significant work.

“This is someone who needs to be remembered at a better level than an obituary in a newspaper,” Ward said. On this Veterans Day, Ward wanted the front lines and people behind the scenes to be celebrated. 

“Medical military people aren’t recognized, because they’re the people in the background, not the heroes in the frontline, so I think it’s important that we recognize soldier scientists,” Ward said. 

Full of tradition, loyalty and honor, Struzik said, remembering what veterans have done is central to one thing. 

“That life of service, right? Whether in the military, or not in the military, it’s all about service above self and how you contribute to this society.” Struzik finished.