KENTUCKY — Four Metcalf County infrastructure projects just got a sizeable boost in funding.

Kentucky Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman announced more than $1.5 million in new state funding on Monday for the region that'll go toward a food bank, waterlines and more.

What You Need To Know

  • A food pantry will be built at George K. Bowling Park

  • 8,000 feet of waterline are planned for Rockland Mills Road 

  • There's also waterlines planned for Gordon Branch Road and Chris Harper Road

First is the construction of a food bank building at the George K. Bowling park. Along with this, the $986,000 in funds will also pay for the resurfacing of the facility’s existing parking lot.

In a release, Metcalfe County Judge/Executive Harold Stilts said, “The new food distribution center is going to be an incredible asset for Metcalfe County. We want to help our citizens in any way we can, and this funding will improve the quality of life for our people.”

Next are two hefty sums earmarked for the state’s Clean Water Program, with $84,210 destined for the Green-Taylor Water District. The goal is for the water utility to build 8,000 feet of waterline along Rockland Mills Road. This means several previously unserved homes will now get water and will lay the groundwork for those living in the area in the future to also have water.  Right now, homes along Rockland Mills use wells to get clean water. 

The state, though, set aside the largest share, $497,961, for the city of Edmonton. The city plans to construct waterlines along Gordon Branch Road and Chris Harper Road. This project will also provide water service to currently underserved homes. Edmonton Mayor Doug Smith says the project will move his community forward. 

For more information about potential infrastructure projects, visit the Kentucky state government website.