LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Students at Louisville’s Presentation Academy are practicing peace by participating in several activities with “International Peace Day.” 

What You Need To Know

  • September 21 is International Peace Day

  • Presentation Academy in Louisville created its own “Peace Week”

  • Students are participatinh=g in activities promoting peace among classmates and their community


Students at Presentation Academy are sharing simple but strong messages of peace, statements of affirmation and positivity they are displaying for anyone passing by their school.

“We are making tags for what we need to see in the world for peace,” Freshman Bryce Jackson tells Spectrum News 1.

Their messages are written on paper cards and tied to leaves on a campus tree.

“Words that can represent peace; words that we need to see in the world,” Jackson continues.

Students are writing words like love and kindness. Jackson says their notes are like a call to action for her fellow students and anyone else and it shows… “How many people are actually caring,” Jackson adds. And “caring” translates to doing.

“As soon as you come back to school everybody is excited but then as you rub elbows with one another, you know, some conflicts can occur so certainly we need it here; we need it in our community, our world. So we decided to do a whole week of activities,” teacher Johna Fortener tells Spectrum News 1.

Peaceful messages are displayed at Presentation Academy (Spectrum News /Jonathon Gregg)

Some students are wishing for everyone to have shelter, other cards wish peace for foreign countries. Brookelynn Beck wishes everyone could get along.

“We have to keep in mind that somebody is going through something different, like we never know what somebody could be going through,” Beck says.

What we know is its far easier to be kind than unkind.

“Smiling at somebody could make their day or week!” Beck adds. Which is why promoting peace is a lifelong lesson we should always practice.  

Students are also placing messages of peace throughout downtown Louisville. At the conclusion of “Peace Week,” students are taking part in the Academy’s 3rd annual Pilgrimage for Racial Justice and Reconciliation.