KENTUCKY — Congressman Hal Rogers, R-Ky, is now the Dean of the House, which is a designation given to the body’s longest continuously serving member.

Rogers, 84, has served Kentucky’s 5th Congressional District since 1981, which is 42 years in Congress (21-consecutive terms).

He received the designation during a reception Wednesday in Washington, D.C. Late congressman Don Young, from Alaska, held the position until he passed away in March.

"The House is most respected when we practice bipartisanship," Rogers said. "While each of us bring different beliefs and values, there is one theme that exists within all of us: a singular commitment to serving our constituents and doing all we can to improve the lives of the people at home, and to honor this remarkable institution."

Rogers is running for re-election in Kentucky’s 5th Congressional district this November and is being challenged by Democrat Conor Halblieb. According to the Board of Elections data, in every general election since 1994, Rogers has earned more than 70% of the vote.

"During his 42 years in Congress, Hal has represented Kentucky with pride, purpose, and principles," said House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. "He continues to lead in Congress with a strong commitment to his constituents, working to improve their lives by passing important legislation like a bill to combat the opioid crisis. He has also led in Congress with a passion for the institution itself, reinvigorating regular order in the appropriations process, conducting thorough oversight that safeguarded taxpayer dollars, and serving with civility."

Hal Rogers was born in rural Kentucky and was a district attorney for 11 years before entering Congress.