DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky — Volunteers are needed to help clean up in Hopkins County — one the stops President Joe Biden made during his tour in western Kentucky.

What You Need To Know

  • President Joe Biden and Gov. Andy Beshear toured the damage caused by a tornado in Kentucky

  • The West family lost its mother and aunt in the storm

  • Billy West hopes the president’s visit will bring more attention to the rebuilding of the community

He, along with Gov. Andy Beshear, walked through decimated streets in Dawson Springs sending hope to the people in the town.

A family is dealing with the loss of a mother who died in the tornadoes with the family having a final piece of communication stored in a cellphone.

“Friday night, I received a text message from her,” said Billy West. “At about 10:17, and it basically said I love and that was the last text that I ever got.”

West said that in that moment he just knew in his heart something was wrong.

“My wife, we were talking the other night — 14 years, my wife said ‘I’ve never made my son’s lunch for school because I always thought that your mom had done that for me,’ so she said I’m going to miss a lot of those little things like that you take for granted,” West said.

His mother, Marsha, and his aunt both died in the storms.

“My son’s a freshman in high school and I told, I told my wife many times, I just hope she lives to see him graduate,” said West.

Her life was cut short from the tornadoes that took 75 lives in Kentucky.

West is grateful for the president’s visit — meaning more help could come in the area.

“A lot of time, we’ve been looking for anything, like her social security number, because of the way the world is today, we don’t want anyone to get a hand on that,” West said.

Daylight hours are spent hunting for mementos while the grief is heavy.

“This is where we played. I mean this is home. And who knows if they will rebuild,” West said. “There’s a lot of elderly people here and just like Gary and Barbara Morgan across the street, you know, they’re in their 80s. You know, how do you rebuild?”

Volunteers will meet every morning at 5715 Charleston Road beginning at 8 a.m.