FLORENCE, Ky. — Now through Dec. 5, boxes will be filled with food at a few different locations for GO Pantry's Christmas Break GO Boxes. 

What You Need To Know

  • GO Pantry is a nonprofit created to provide food for hungry lkids on days schools are not open

  • Every year this organization does Christmas Break GO Boxes to feed them over the break

  • There are a few areas to drop off food items

  • No challenge is too great when it comes to making sure children have food

“Every year at this time, GO Pantry works with the schools to identify the kids that are going to be home for Christmas break without enough to eat," founder Laura Dumancic said.

People can go to their choice of a few different locations, including Zimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealership in Florence.

“It’s an opportunity to get our hands dirty and do some heavy lifting and help a whole lot of local kids," dealership general manager Deric Massie said.

GO Pantry's story began a decade ago. Dumancic said she discovered many kids come from households with food insecurity. That means outside of school, there may not be knowledge on where or when they'll get their next meal. Dumancic said that's where this nonprofit comes in to help- especially during Christmas break when kids are away from school and those meals.

“So we set out to help those seven kids and now you fast forward 10 years and it’s going to be over 1200 kids maybe closer to 1300 for Christmas," Dumancic said.

Dumancic told Spectrum News 1 that the kids they're helping remain anonymous to them. The schools take over ensuring the kids can come pick up a box.

“If there’s a lack of transportation or a different challenge, there’s always a good person in that school willing to deliver that box to help that child," Dumancic said.

Dumancic said in this season of giving, there's still time to help kids across Northern Kentucky this Christmas. Their website has a specific Christmas tab to go under to see how you can help such a large need for food this year.