BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — Western Kentucky University's SmartHolstein Lab got a special visit from Gov. Andy Beshear as he toured the innovative facility on Thursday.

What You Need To Know

  • Gov. Beshear visited WKU's SmartHolstein Lab on Thursday

  • The lab is used for research and milk productions

  • Agriculture majors get hands on experience for classes

  • Beshear said he's excited about the direction of the lab

Agriculture majors like Sabrina Blair spend many hours at the lab studying and even milking cows. They also get to learn about how to make feed and what goes into them.

The dairy cows there can produce up to 10 gallons on milk per day on the farm. 

"My uncle is a dairy farmer and he got out of it a couple years ago," said Blair. "So if I get my masters in dairy science I can take over for him and that can be my future.”

Gov. Beshear greeted the students as well, noting the importance of agriculture especially in the growing area of Bowling Green. He was taken on a tour of the facility and spoke to students on the way.

"This isn't just important for the scientific advances," said Beshear. "For us to be leading the way in Kentucky, this is incredibly important for the future of our country and the future of our world."

The lab provides special learning opportunities with new monitors for herd health and milk production. 

“We are seeing a growing world population," said Beshear. "To where we have to innovate and increase our milk production.”

Students typically spend all day at the lab for classes and research. Blair said it was neat to see Gov. Beshear come out and engage with them. 

"He was just really nice and was asking about the type of things that we were doing and working on," said Blair. "For him to do that and legit care was very comforting."