BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — For over 80 years the Chaney family has been a staple in the dairy industry. Keeping their uniqueness as on of the only farms left to produce an process their own milk. 

What You Need To Know

  • Chaney's is run by 4th generation farmer Carl Chaney

  • They are one of the few farms who processes and produces own milk

  • The family has been in business for over 80 years

  • Chaney's products will be in 41 Kroger stores across the state

The dairy industry used to be robust but since 2003 dairy operations have dwindled nationwide to just under 32,000 operations according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. That hasn't stopped the Chaney's one of the more popular and successful dairy farms from continuing to make milk and other dairy products like ice cream. 

“We’re processing around 21,000 pounds of milk per week we're producing about 28,000 so we have a little more room to grow," said Chaney "That 21,000 is either white milk, chocolate milk, 2% milk or ice cream mix which we use up at the dairy barn.”

The family has been making those products for generations and owns over 60 cows who can produce up to $15,000 worth of products each. The farm also double as one of the few truly family run operations. 

“All the family members there are three generations who are always working," said Chaney "Myself, my children and even my grandchildren at times."

Chaney's products continue to be available in local stores. Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles announced a partnership with the dairy and Kroger Tuesday, Nov. 2. According to the state's agriculture department, Kroger is one of the state's largest purchasers of Kentucky Proud products. The dairy will provide whole milk, 2 percent milk, half and half, and chocolate milk to 41 Kroger stores across the state.

"This year we are going to make almost 30,000 gallons of ice cream," said Chaney "To be able to get into Krogers with our milk is a huge achievement but it's also a great responsibility that we continue to put out an awesome product."

Chaney says at time the work can get to be a lot, but he is proud to be doing the work that those before him like his father wanted him too. The barn also serves as one of the few that uses their own milk in all of their ice cream as well. 

“Out of all the people that have been through here and have helped us throughout the years here we are 81 years later milking the cows with our robot, said Chaney "We're also able to take that milk directly to the consumer.”

The Barn is open daily 7 days a week.