LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Community leaders in Louisville are celebrating the milestone of a major renovation project that will help many people who need homes.

What You Need To Know

  • Beecher Terrace is receiving a major renovation worth $200 million 

  • The housing complex will feature 640 units

  • The first two phases are complete within the project

  • Phase three is underway and will include 200 mixed income apartments in 23 buildings

The new public housing complex in Louisville’s Russell neighborhood known as Beecher Terrace is receiving a much needed face lift. 

"Always looking forward to coming back, can’t wait to get back," said Lamika Jordan, a new resident at Beecher Terrace.

After years of uncertainty around the Beecher Terrace property, Jordan said that feeling of excitement she felt as a younger adult is back.

"People were skeptical. I wasn’t the only one skeptical and I was like, 'OK y’all did this before, you didn’t keep their words or how it was going to be like for us coming back.' And like I said, they kept their word," Jordan said.

In a West Louisville neighborhood formerly plagued by rundown buildings, 640 units of new construction and renovated homes now stand. Some will be rentals, while others will be up for sale.

In addition, the new site will features commercial businesses on the first floor and a community center.

"It really truly is awesome to be back. Location means a lot, security, safety means a lot," Jordan added.

The mother of six said the affordable housing complex could have a positive influence on this close-knit community. The project of rebuilding Beecher Terrace is part of a $200 million revitalization plan for the Russell neighborhood.

"That feeling again of community is back, but its a feeling of community with hope and aspirations," Jordan said.

Wednesday marked the grand opening of the new complex, specifically for mixed income residents.

Manfred Reid, Chairman of the Board of Louisville Metro Housing Authority said this large scale master-plan will be a game changer for families struggling to make ends meet.

"This transformation will enlighten our community to the highest level and encourage us to extend these advancements into other parts of the neighborhood," Reid said.

Hearing the news that the property will be revitalized brought back memories for Kentucky State Senator Gerald Neal, who was born in the Russell neighborhood.

"I see more than just brick and mortar, I see families, I see opportunity, I see an upgrade that reflects a dignity that’s associated with anyone’s life," Neal said.

City leaders hope this investment in the neighborhood will improve the quality of life.

"One of goals all along was to show America how we could regenerate a neighborhood without displacing the residents that lived here that built the sole of the neighborhood and that would be the ultimate injustice," said Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer. 

Finally after years of work, the first two phases are complete. Phase three is already underway which will include nearly 200 mixed income apartments in 23 buildings.