LEXINGTON, Ky. — COVID-19 vaccinations sites are expanding in Lexington. On Tuesday, six Fayette County Public (FCPS) high schools hosted vaccinations for anyone 16 years old and older.

What You Need To Know

  • FCPS high schools hosted COVID-19 vaccination clinic

  • More than 1,000 people signed up to receive doses

  • 40% of Lexington's population is vaccinated


Mayor Linda Gorton said the city partnered with FCPS and Wild Health to vaccinate students, families, and staff.

“We have nearly 1,000 people signed up for vaccinations at our six high schools and I think that is fantastic,” Gorton said.

So far, the city said 40% of Lexington’s population is vaccinated and it’s mostly adults.

“The clinic is going to offer the Pfizer vaccine,” said Marlene Helm, acting superintendent.

This partnership reaches the younger population according to Helm.

“They will have two doses,” Help said. “And the reason that it was so important for us to work with Wild Health this weekend was to ensure that we will be able to offer the second dose, before the end of the school year.”

16-year-old Bella Weitlauf said it’s just more convenient.

“Yeah, it’s odd to be here doing this when I’ve taken like the PSAT in here before,” Weitlauf said. “I do feel like it's safer for like both me and like just customers and just like everyone in general. I just feel like it's better and like safer, because I don't want anyone else to get sick because of me and I don't want to get sick because of anyone else so I just think it's an added safety precaution.

The high school teen works at a pizza restaurant in Lexington. She received her first dose and will receive the second dose on May 18, the last day of school.

This initiative is just one example with more creative plans on the way from the city’s COVID-19 Task Force.

“They’re going to target social media, heavily to get to the younger demographic, many of whom haven't yet taken the vaccine so we're working on a lot of new efforts,” Gorton said.