LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Three people were shot and killed in Louisville Sunday night, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD). Investigators believe they are not connected, but they are part of a continuing trend that made 2020 the deadliest year ever in the city, with more than 170 homicides.

What You Need To Know

  • Rising homicide trends continue in Louisville

  • One organizer calls for a 30 day city-wide ceasefire

  • Christopher 2x weighs in, previously hosted a conference where he presented a youth violence report

  • His “Game Changers” organization focuses on identifying trauma in kids

Raven Sanders woke up Monday to the news and began an hour-long vigil on Facebook live. Sanders' organization, "Stop the Violence Put the Beef on the Grill," has worked to build social bridges in Lousiville communities for seven years. That afternoon, he met with Spectrum News to discuss what he wants to see happen next.

"I’m asking for everybody to stand up and take their own self-accountability, and let’s take our own community back," he said. "So, wherefore, we’re asking for 30 days of peace."

A city-wide ceasefire is statistically unlikely. Last year's record-breaking trend has rolled into a 2021 on track to set a new record. 

Christopher 2X, a longtime and nationally recognized youth violence crusader, told Spectrum News Sunday's killings marked 34 so far this year, with another 103 non-fatal shootings in the books.

"The uptick was a drip-drip process, and building and building," he explained in a Monday interview. "And, unfortunately, a lot of the shootings are based on one shooting leads to another shooting. It’s sad, but it’s real."

Just over one year ago, in late February, 2X hosted a conference with Sen. Rand Paul, law enforcement, medical experts, and parents of young violence victims. 2X presented a youth violence report to the group. His “Game Changers” organization focuses on identifying trauma in kids.

"If this evolves, and they can’t deal with these anger/rage problem correctly, or seek help…once these young people enter into high school with that attitude, it’s hard to reverse it, and they become our next batch of shooters, to be honest with you," 2X said in the interview.

Shortly after the youth violence meeting two February’s ago, Paul entered Christopher 2X’s report into the Congressional record.

One year later, there is much work left to be done.