CLAY CITY, Ky. — Flash flooding pushed some Clay City residents out of their homes Monday and Tuesday. The Red River runs through the Powell County community, causing significant damage to a portion of the downtown.

“Furniture is gone. Yeah, we’ve lost all of it. There ain’t no saving nothing,” Marion Harrison said Tuesday. Harrison lives along the low-lying Main Street and was evacuated Monday. When he returned home Tuesday, some of his belongings were strewn about his hard. 

“I can’t believe how fast the water came up,” Harrison said in disbelief. 

It’s the worst flooding he’s seen in his ten years living in Clay City.

Wendell Hurt says flooding was bad in 1978 but doesn’t compare to the current situation. 

“It was bad but not this bad. I don’t think it was anything like this," he said. 

The water receded enough by Tuesday afternoon for Main Street to reopen with visible damage to the roadway.