LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Two Louisville high school students are volunteering to help adults 70 and older make vaccine appointments.

Amelie Beck and Jacqueline Teague are cousins who attend Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville.

"We had been working with our grandparents, trying to get them a vaccine and we just kind of realized that there were so many hoops you had to jump through, just like through the internet and different verification things" Teague said. "It was hard even for us."

Kentucky is currently vaccinating the 1B category, which includes people 70 and older, most of whom will get their shots at hospitals.

"We wanted to kind of advocate for them and just help them get themselves vaccinated because that's also the age group that seems to be most at risk," Teague said.

The teens set up an Instagram account and requests have been pouring in, they said.

"I think since Monday, we've had about 120 emails of people asking for vaccine help," Beck said.

Thursday morning, both UofL Health and Baptist Health websites showed there were no appointments available, citing the supply of vaccine, but Beck and Teague said they would continue helping where needed.

"I think just getting it out as fast as possible is the most important thing right now," Beck said.

Those eligible for appointments can sign up for a wait list here. Messages on Baptist Health and UofL Health websites encourage patients to check back for availability.