FRANKFORT, Ky. — Over 159 million Americans voted in the 2020 General Election, marking the largest total voter turnout in U.S. history. Kentucky's statewide turnout also reached an all-time high with over 2 million Kentuckians casting their ballots last November.

What You Need To Know

  • Over 2 million Kentuckians voted in 2020, an all-time high

  • 64% of registered voters cast their ballot, with 2% higher participation among female Kentuckians

  • Voters aged 62 and older reported the highest turnout at 74.1%

  • In 36 Kentucky counties, two out of every three registered voters made their voice heard

When comparing the two major parties in Kentucky, Republicans had the upper hand — as was evident with the final results. 68.3% of registered Republicans voted, compared to 63.5% of registered Democrats.

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams shared the state's 2020 election turnout data Thursday, with the data broken down by categories including county, age, gender, and party.

In a news release, Adams said, “Following our work to expand voter access, in 2020 we saw the highest number of voters ever in a Kentucky election – more than 2 million," Adams said. "Now, you can see the numbers for yourself, broken out by age, gender, party, county and precinct.”

Statewide, over 64% of registered voters made their voices heard in 2020. Turnout among female voters was about 2% higher than male voters.

The highest turnout — 74.1% — came from voters aged 62 and older, as only 50.5% of Kentuckians aged between 25 and 34 got out to vote.

36 of Kentucky's 120 counties reported turnout over 66.6%, meaning two out of every three registered voters cast their ballot. Those counties include Bullitt, Fayette, and Oldham.

Jefferson County, Kentucky's most populous county, reported a turnout of 65.3%. Eastern Kentucky's Martin County reported the lowest turnout at 44.5%.

While President Donald Trump handily won the state of Kentucky, Joe Biden prevailed in the general election. Biden received over 81 million votes nationwide, compared to Trump's 74 million.

Biden received 306 votes in the Electoral College, besting Trump's 232 votes and cementing him as the nation's 46th president. Biden will be officially be sworn in on Inauguration Day — Jan. 20 at noon in Washington, D.C.


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