LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Metro Council's Louisville Community Affairs Committee hosted a discussion Wednesday to hear plans from local utilities on how to avoid cutoffs during the pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Metro Council Committee hears from local utilities on how to avoid cutoffs

  • LG&E, MSD, LWC present their plans

  • LG&E says disconnects from nonpayments through Nov. 9 will be suspended

  • LWC's plans include no disconnections, late charges until January 2021

“My area is a low-income area, I can get these questions pretty much every day,” noted Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin (D, District 2).

Shanklin, along with Louisville Metro Council President David James (D, District 6), wanted to get the word out on how the community can avoid cutoffs.

That's why they invited representatives from Louisville Water Company (LWC), Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD), and LG&E to present their plans for helping those in need.

Jean Ann Pfisterer of LG&E says the company has noticed a concerning trend.

“Our arrears are about double from normal,” she told the committee.

Jennifer Lehn, also of LG&E, says the company is willing to work with customers to manage utility bills and to manage disconnection. She mentioned some of the highlights from the utility company’s plan.

“Disconnects from nonpayments through November 9th will be suspended. We encourage our customers to keep paying what they can in order to avoid a large bill over time," said Lehn.

Dave Vogel from LWC presented the plans for LWC and MSD. It includes no disconnections and no late charges until January 2021. He says that LWC will continue outreach to customers to set up payment plans as part of their Drops of Kindness campaign. 

“It is a challenge right now, and there’s a lot of customers that are struggling,” said Vogel.

The utility companies say they’re trying to be as understanding as possible because of how COVID-19 has impacted the world. People can also utilize programs from the Office of Resilience and Community Services, which provides utility assistance.

The committee also reminded there is eviction assistance money available as well.