LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Yvette Gentry has officially been sworn in as Louisville Metro Police Department's next interim police chief.

The ceremony, held at 10 a.m. in Metro Hall, included remarks from Mayor Greg Fischer, Gov. Andy Beshear, and Gentry herself. 

"I know I'm interim, but I represent something different to a lot of people being the first woman to take this title, so I'm not going to shortchange that," she said. "My niece ... is here in the front row, she's been wanting to be a police officer her whole life, so I understand the responsibility, the things that you all are putting on me. I'm nothing compared to the fact that she's looking at me for the type of example that she deserves to have in her auntie."

Before administering the oath of office, Fischer called Gentry a "champion for our city."

"Following the retirement of Chief Schroeder, I'm grateful, very grateful that we have another experienced, respected, distinguished public safety professional to take on the role of chief of LMPD, and that, of course, is Yvette Gentry," he said. "I've been a big fan of Yvette's for a long time. She is a champion for our city and for always doing the right thing for everybody."

Beshear also submitted taped remarks, applauding Gentry, who previously served LMPD for over 20 years, for her experience.

"I know she comes in with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead LMPD during these difficult times," he said. "I couldn't be more excited about the type of leadership that she is going to bring."

Former LMPD alum and current chief of police in Syracuse, N.Y., Kenton Buckner, delivered remarks, choking up as he reflected on the state of the city. 

"She doesn't have all the answers. She's smart enough to know that. You know that you're handing her a turd, you know that, and I use that word intentionally," Buckner said. "Don't expect her to give you back a patty melt in six months. Victory, in some cases, will be putting lettuce and tomato on that turd and stop this boat from rocking."

Gentry, the last speaker, kept her remarks brief. 

"I'm a runaway. I got kicked out of school. I got kicked out of band," she said. "But today, I am chief."