LOUISVILLE, Ky. — As the city waits for a decision in the Breonna Taylor case, the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) announced several road closures in downtown Louisville.

What You Need To Know

  • LMPD announces road closures downtown

  • Closures part of preparations for Breonna Taylor announcement

  • LMPD restricts vehicle access around Jefferson Square Park

  • Pedestrian traffic not restricted

"We recognize that this is an inconvenience, and will cause difficulty for those that live, work and have business downtown, and we apologize for this inconvenience. However, public safety is our No. 1 priority, and it would be irresponsible if we did not take preemptive action to preserve it," said a Facebook post from LMPD.

“Due to increased attention and activity in anticipation of an announcement from Attorney General Daniel Cameron...

Posted by Louisville Metro Police Department on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

LMPD is restricting vehicle access in the blocks immediately surrounding Jefferson Square Park with barriers placed at all intersections. Pedestrian access is still allowed. 

In addition, vehicle traffic won't be allowed in the area between Market Street south to Broadway and from 2nd Street to Roy Wilkins. LMPD said it will work with people who live, work and have business in the area.

LMPD will place vehicle barricades around Jefferson Square Park and the perimeter of the downtown area for pedestrian safety.

Surface parking will be limited from Market Street to Broadway and 2nd Street to Roy Wilkins. LMPD asked people with cars parked in the area to immediately remove them.

LMPD will also limit access to parking garages in the area.

While pedestrian traffic isn't restricted, LMPD said those with "legitimate business" downtown and traveling by car must notify an officer at one of the following locations to enter or exit the downtown area:

To enter downtown:

  • 2nd and Jefferson
  • 9th and Chestnut
  • 8th and Market
  • 7th and Broadway

To exit downtown:

  • 9th and Jefferson
  • 2nd and Chestnut
  • 3rd and Market
  • 4th and Broadway