KENTUCKY —  P.F. Chang's announced it will lay off employees from the company's Louisville and Lexington locations. In letters to Mayors Greg Fischer and Linda Gorton, the company said that, while it remains unclear, it anticipates laying off 75 employees from each location. 

What You Need To Know

  • P.F. Chang's announces layoffs from Kentucky locations

  • 75 employees to be laid off from both Louisville, Lexington locations

  • Unclear which employees the layoffs will affect

  • Layoffs due to COVID-19

P.F. Chang's cited the coronavirus as its reason for the layoffs, specifically reduced hours and operation due to coronavirus orders from state and local officials. 

"The reduction of work hours at this location are the unfortunate result of sudden, unexpected COVID-19 related circumstances that were conditions outside of the Company's control and for which the continued duration is still unknown," read both letters. "The reduction of hours lasting beyond six months was not reasonably forseeable until now."

P.F. Chang's said it doesn't know how long the reduction of hours will last, and it remains unclear which employees it will affect. 

There will be no bumping rights or bumping procedures since P.F. Chang's employees are not covered by a collective bargaining unit or represented by a union.