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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Breonna Taylor’s family and the city of Louisville have reached a $12 million settlement six months after she was killed by Louisville Metro Police in her apartment, Spectrum News 1 has confirmed.

What You Need To Know

  • Breonna Taylor's family has a reached a settlement with the City of Louisville

  • The settlement includes a payment and police reforms

  • A press conference will be held Tuesday afternoon to announce details

  • The announcement comes just over six months after Taylor's killing

The settlement includes the payment to Taylor’s family, along with proposed police reforms and what a source in the mayor’s office referred to as a “call for peace in the city.” A source close to the family has also confirmed the presence of a monetary settlement and police reforms.

Here are the latest updates:

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Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell on plans to drop charges against non-violent protesters:

"I think we're going to see some movement in the right direction."

Seems to be implying some charges will in fact be dropped.

— Adam K. Raymond (@adamkraymond) September 15, 2020


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Lonita Baker said there will be no additional civil litigation. Their focus now goes to pressuring AG Daniel Cameron's office to bring forth criminal charges against the officers involved.

— Amber Smith (@ambersmithtv) September 15, 2020


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“It’s just the start, but we finished the first mile in a marathon.” Baker said. She added that they will continue to put pressure on the AG's office.

— Amber Smith (@ambersmithtv) September 15, 2020


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This is the largest settlement with the city since the 2012 when Edwin Chandler was paid $8.5 after being wrongly convicted and jailed for murder. 

A press conference to announce the terms of the settlement was Tuesday at Metro Hall

The settlement announcement comes as many expect a decision in Attorney General Daniel Cameron's investigation of Taylor’s shooting. The 26-year-old was killed on March 13 after police served a no-knock warrant on her South Louisville apartment. Despite the warrant, police say they announced their presence before entering Taylor’s apartment.

Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, said he did not hear an announcement, which is why he fired a shot after the apartment’s door was kicked down. That shot hit Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in the leg, leading him and two other officers to return fire.

The public reaction to Taylor's killing was intially muted, but in late May, as protests following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis spread across the nation, activists in Louisville took to the steets to demand justice for Taylor. They've been there ever since.