LOUISVILLEKy. — Thousands are expected to gather and march in Washington D.C. Friday during an event organized by Reverend Al Sharpton. 

The event called, “Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off our Necks,” is a protest against police brutality. It comes the same week hundreds marched in Louisville seeking justice for Breonna Taylor. 

“I always believe those who are advocates for this whole cause for justice for Breonna Taylor are going to be mindful of what’s going on in D.C.,” Christopher 2x told Spectrum News 1. Christopher 2x is a community activist in Louisville, focused specifically on violent crime and working closely with Taylor’s mother Tamika Palmer. 

Christopher 2x says under normal circumstances he’d expect a large Louisville contingency to travel to D.C but he doesn’t expect it due to the current pandemic. 

“And we have to look at the most powerful, problematic factor in all of this and it’s got to be COVID-19,” Christopher 2x said. 

“This is not going to be the same normal time that people would, at least show a thrust of interest in D.C. tomorrow,” he adds. 

Instead, the activist expects supporters in Kentucky to lean heavily on media coverage and coverage provided by live streamers and independent journalists. Regarding live streamers, Christopher 2x said, “It has been something that has entered into this whole situation, the live streamers or the independent journalists and they have become relevant.”