LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Jefferson County Public Schools property tax hike will be on the ballot this November after a petition started by the Louisville Tea Party received enough signatures. The tax hike would raise Jefferson County property owners' property tax by $0.07.

What You Need To Know

  • JCPS property tax hike gets enough signatures to be on ballot

  • Petition to put the tax hike on the ballot received 40,320 signatures

  • Jefferson County Clerk verified 38,507 of those signatures

  • JCPS has 10 days to challenge signatures

The petition, started in May, submitted 40,320 signatures to the Jefferson County Clerk's office July 10. Yesterday, the County Clerk's office announced it had verified 38,507 of those signatures from voting rolls, meaning the petition reached the 35,517 signatures it needed. 

Now, JCPS has ten days to challenge any signatures. JCPS planned to put the money generated from the tax hike toward improvement of facilities within the district.