LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A judge granted a restraining order against Mayor Greg Fischer in a dispute over drive-in church service on Easter Sunday.

U.S. District Court Judge Justin Walker granted a temporary restraining order against Mayor Fischer from blocking On Fire Christian Church’s Easter Sunday drive-in service.

“On Fire Christian Church is fully committed to complying with the CDC guidelines in everything we do,” said Chuck Salvo during his Easter service. “It is vitally important to comply with CDC guidelines for drive-in church services.”

Mayor Greg Fischer said during his media briefing that he never directed law enforcement activity against drive-in services. 

“I have not directed law enforcement activity against drive-in services because frankly, I didn’t think I would have to,” said Mayor Fischer. “I thought people would be able to see the common sense that endangers us when we get together.”

Mayor Fischer said he contacted the court twice in order to present evidence that would’ve demonstrated no legal enforcement against drive-ins.

“Just want to emphasize again to people that the science behind this is really clear,” said Fischer. “ All we are trying to do here is to save lives and got show the discipline to get through this.”

Salvo and his staff stationed cars six feet apart and instructed the occupants to not exit the cars at all during the service. 

“We must err on the side of caution to prevent potential contact and make sure transmission of the illness is not facilitated by our service,” said Salvo.

Mayor Fischer doesn’t want a repeat of the Hopkins County religious revival where dozens of people contracted COVID-19 including six deaths.

Governor Andy Beshear also cited that example in order to motivate Kentuckians to continue to be disciplined during the coronavirus pandemic.

“They don’t have to read out the number of deaths every day,” said Governor Beshear during his Saturday briefing. “ They don’t have to do that. While this is a worldwide pandemic, I feel responsible for those deaths.”

Salvo during his Easter sermon recognized the challenges that state and churches have to make regarding COVID-19.

“Civil leaders are dealing with a tremendously difficult situation,” said Salvo. “We pray for them, we applaud their work to help protect everyone during this pandemic. Our church will continue to comply with CDC guidelines.”