FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky's Secretary of State hopes to expand mail-in voting by the primary.

Secretary Michael Adams says he is working with Governor Andy Beshear to change the law expanding the eligibility of people who are eligible to vote by mail.

Currently, only people who meet certain requirements are allowed to vote absentee. 

Adams says some of the requirements are vague which could help people use this option.

‘“You can vote absentee because of age, but there is not a specific age provided for in law it just says age. If you are of an age where you are concerned by the threat of this virus then you should be able to vote absentee on average 2 percent voters vote by mail, it’s a pretty small proportion, I think it’s going to go way up even we don’t change a single thing about our election laws or process."

Adams says he is working to ensure individual counties will not have to absorb the cost of the increased mailed in ballots.

The Kentucky primary is now June 23.