BEREA, Ky. — Berea College announced Tuesday it is ceasing all classes and activities Friday, March 13. In a letter, the Administrative Committee says the decision was made because the school cannot assure student and staff safety if a case of the virus were to appear on campus.

In addition to the end of the semester, students are being asked to move out of residence halls by Saturday, the 14th. If students are unable to return home, they can apply for campus housing. Students who continue to live on campus will be expected to fulfill their work responsibilities and may be required to do additional jobs. However, all students will continue to be paid for their campus positions through the end of the semester, even if they are off-campus and unable to work.

Faculty members are being asked to determine how they can end their courses by the end of the week.

Even though classes are being canceled, college operations will continue and the Berea staff should continue with their job duties.

As a result of the cancellation there will be some immediate consequences:

  • Commencement is canceled or postponed until a date when a large gathering can be held safely.
  • Summer academic travel will be canceled
  • All student, faculty, and staff travel supported by the college will be curtailed through the end of the regular semester
  • Athletics contests scheduled through Thursday will take place, but the school is notifying USA South Conference they won't be competing for the rest of the semester.

President Lyle Roelofs knows there will be a lot of questions and is referring students to the vice president responsible for their area of study.