FRANKFORT, Ky. - House leaders filed a bill they hope will slow down human trafficking.

House Bill 2 creates new rules to define human trafficking, including someone physically threatening the victim, using a physical or mental impairment against them, or forcing them to do criminal acts because of debt.

Majority Caucus Chair Suzanne Miles, R-Owensboro, said the bill also redefines prostitution to protect victims of human trafficking.

“A lot of times, people didn’t understand that person that might’ve been charged with prostitution, they actually might’ve been the victim instead of the criminal,” Miles said.

Miles said with big events like the Kentucky Derby and the National Farm Machinery Show, Kentucky needs to be in line with federal laws to make sure people don’t participate in illegal trafficking.

House Bill 2 also requires public places like airports, truck stops, and bus stations to post signs with the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Miles said she hopes the bill will be heard in committee as soon as possible.