FRANKFORT, Ky. - A group of business leaders want lawmakers to increase the gas tax.

The Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition spoke to lawmakers on the House Budget Review Subcommittee on Transportation Monday, urging them to find more funding for road projects, including a rise in the motor fuel tax.

Supporters said a new infrastructure bill is needed to make sure Kentucky’s roads keep up with the commonwealth’s growth.

“Kentucky celebrated a record-number of investments over the last few years,” Kentucky Chamber of Commerce president Ashli Watts said. “The legislature has passed many pro-growth policies over the last few years, but without increasing the amount of revenue that goes into the road fund, Kentucky will quickly fall behind. Kentucky must meet the infrastructure demands these new investments create to reach its full potential.”

Kentucky agencies in charge of public transportation and aviation also testified Monday about their budget needs. The public transportation program needs more money from the state to offset an expected loss of toll credits, which the commonwealth has been using to match federal spending on the program since 2015.