LOUISVILLE, Ky - One west Louisville-based money lender claims to be a good guy in the industry.  The CEO says interest rates are rock-bottom, payment plans are flexible, and they only lend to those who need money the most.

LHOME is a nonprofit lender that helps people become homeowners or even small business owners so they can contribute to their neighborhoods.

CEO Amy Shir says they've lent out more than $700,000 in small loans to low-income residents. They work with banks to take on clients who would otherwise be turned down, while trying to keep those customers from turning to high-interest payday lenders.

“What we want to do is, we want to cut off the payday lenders, the predatory lenders, and provide positive access to lenders so that they never fall into the debt trap,” said Shir. “So that they build wealth and they build their credit and they build their neighborhoods.”

While these clients might seem too risky to lend to, Shir says out of 70 loans provided so far, only one has defaulted.