A stadium full of people got to share a special moment with one Kentucky family.

T.J. Floyd threw out the first pitch at the Louisville Bats game Saturday night. It was an amazing moment because T.J. suffered a traumatic brain injury nine years ago that forever changed his life and his family’s.

“He did baseball before so it’s really near and dear to our heart because that was his sport. He just absolutely loved baseball,” said Heather Floyd, T.J.’s mom.

Floyd started T.J.’s Warriors, Inc. in order to promote helmet safety. The non-profit aims to save one child at a time from suffering what the Floyd family had to endure.

But, T.J. works hard with his rehabilitation and treatments. He had the choice to hurl the first pitch from his wheelchair.

The young man instead walked with his father to the infield grass to do it on his two legs.

“Nine years ago, we didn’t think he’d walk,” said his proud mom. “Now, he’s walking and threw out a first pitch.”

T.J.’s Warriors teamed up with Norton to fit children with helmets. They hope T.J. can help youth all across Kentucky.

The crowd’s ovation for T.J. fired up the young man and touched his family.

“The warm welcome we received was amazing for T.J.,” said Heather. “He practiced all week.”

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