There’s a new employee at the University of Louisville Hospital Physicians Outpatient Center, and he’s quickly becoming the talk of the town. No, he’s not a doctor. He’s a dog.

Facility dog Travis helps physical and occupational therapy patients with range of motion, strength and stability exercises.

“He made my day. From the first time I saw him, I got this energy that won’t stop,” patient Patricia Elston said.

Travis was part of the Paws with Purpose program, but he had some medical issues that kept him from being placed with a patient. His facilitator, Cathy Gerrish, is a physical therapist at U of L Hospital Physicians Outpatient Center. She knew he would make a great coworker.

“They’re having so much fun at what they’re doing, they don’t realize they’re getting some good work in doing functional tasks because they’re having so much fun with the dog,” Gerrish said.

From exercise to exercise, Travis brings a smile to patient’s faces.

“We know we have to do it and we don’t want to do it, but he gives me motivation,” Elston said.

Travis works hard Monday through Thursday at the U of L Hospital Physicians Outpatient Center.