BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — A massive electric vehicle battery plant is coming to Bowling Green, and the excitement in the community is palpable.

What You Need To Know

  • Envision AESC’s investment in Kentucky will create 2,000 new jobs

  • Envision will break ground on the project in June according to county officials

  • Production is scheduled to be fully operational in 2027

  • The announcement follows Ford Motor Company and its partner announcing its plans to build twin battery manufacturing plants in Hardin County that will create 5,000 new jobs 

A new factory to supply battery materials has longtime Warren County Judge Executive Mike Buchanon thrilled about the expected 2,000 new jobs it will bring to Warren County.

“This is a real transformational type of business. It actually puts us into a totally different employment sector than we’ve had in the past,” Buchanon said.

Envision AESC plans to build new plant here in Kentucky Transpark located in Bowling Green, Ky. (Spectrum News 1/Brennon Gurley)

Envision AESC, a world leading Japanese electric vehicle battery technology company, unveiled plans in early April to invest $2 billion to open a new manufacturing facility in the Kentucky Transpark.

The state-of-the-art gigafactory battery plant will produce battery cells and modules to power electric vehicles.

“It means that Bowling Green will be a focal point for the electric vehicle because where they make the batteries is where they’ll make everything else,” Buchanon said.

He had a lot to do with establishing Transpark, and said the new factory will provide a large amount of well-paying jobs to the area.

“We’re not adding 2,000 people tomorrow. You know, it’s going to be a couple of years before they’re up and running,” Buchanon said. “So we have lead time to attract the new talent that we need in this area.”

The 70-year-old father of three said the plant is the largest capital investment Warren County has ever seen.

“We’re an economic engine for a broad area of Kentucky and it’s rewarding to me personally to be a part of making things better for everyone else,” said Buchanon.

Jeff Meisel is the city manager for the City of Bowling Green. He said this historic announcement is great for the automotive industry, but even more exciting news for South Central Kentucky.

“Envision brings to us the next era on automobiles with the electric vehicles and the batteries they’re going to supply to some major automakers,” explains Meisel.

City and state leaders alike say the historic investment is a welcome edition to the Bluegrass State’s legacy in the automobile industry.

“We have the resources from federal and state money to train people for working these jobs and just to change their life and provide for their families,” said Meisel.

“My feeling is that the electric vehicle battery plant will create a new emphasis for growth for this region,” Buchanon added.

Envision will break ground on the project in June according to county officials. Production is slated to be fully operational in 2027.