PARIS, Ky. — After rescuing a horse from an abandoned field, one Kentuckian is working with her horse, Hank, to encourage children to read, while also helping neglected horses find a purpose in their communities.

What You Need To Know

  • For Hank’s Sake is a nonprofit giving children the courage to read aloud

  • Tammi Regan rescued Hank at when he was 3

  • Regan taught Hank multiple tricks, including being able to pick up books and interacting with children

  • The nonprofit helps children and horses in need of rescue

Hank is a horse who likes to listen. Book after book, Hank and his owner Tammi Regan travel to events in Paris, Kentucky, encouraging children to read aloud. 

“I can feel their love. I can feel Hank’s love and the interest and seeing a child have the courage to read aloud like that is really something special, and that’s what Hank brings out of kids too,” Regan said.

Regan rescued Hank from an abandoned muddy pasture at three years old, marking her mission to help horses in need.

“It’s deep what Hank means to me. He expands my compassion all the time,” Regan said.

Combining her love for Hank and passion for reading, Regan created the nonprofit, For Hank’s Sake.

“I wasn’t raised with horses. I was raised with books, not horses. So, being naïve to that, I thought he was clever and funny and fun. I thought he had a fantastic sense of humor. But it wasn’t always well received in clinics,” Regan said.

Behind a set of tricks, the nonprofit encourages children to read aloud to Hank. 

“He’s a very, very smart horse—brilliant, interactive and fun. He loves to have fun too,” Regan said.

Having fun, giving courage, and leaving a memorable impression on children in Bourbon County. Hank is bringing the spirit of horses and humans together. 

“Its joy, its happiness. It stays with me for days. I think about it for days. I’m happy for days when I hear the giggles of delight and the laughter rings in my ears. It brings joy to my heart and soul,” Regan said.

Hank’s purpose is to bring joy to others, Regan said. It’s a passion and mission they hope to spread across the state.

Besides reading events with Hank, Regan also uses her nonprofit to collect food items and supplies for horse rescues around Kentucky, and plans to expand her nonprofit throughout surrounding states.