COVINGTON, Ky. — The CDC now says an N95 mask or respirator will give you the most protection. With KN95 and other surgical masks providing some, but not as much protection, and those cloth masks providing the least amount of protection.

But as the hunt begins, the question is: Where can you find these masks?

What You Need To Know

  • CDC recommends an N95 mask or respirator will most protect you now during the ongoing COVID pandemic

  • They added that wearing any mask is better than no mask in terms of protection

  • The CDC also says to adjust the mask to correctly fit you and avoid any gaps along edges or the nose

  • NKY continues to report higher numbers of COVID and COVID hospitalizations 

At a COVID testing site in Covington, Spectrum News spoke to Steve Luckenbach, who was awaiting his test. He was sporting an N95 himself.

“I ordered a supply of them in the past," he said.

Spectrum News took to drug stores and Lowe's, and eventually found a selection of N95s with respirators at Lowe's. All N95 masks were out at a Walgreens, but disposable single-use masks and cloth masks were available for purchase.

Christina and William Fields said that's not something they've been worried about finding.

“We’ve had our vaccine so we haven’t been really wearing a mask, but here recently I’ve been thinking about wearing one," William Fields said.

The CDC has said that any mask is better than no mask, as it helps protect you from catching the virus. The Northern Kentucky Health Department reported 1,377 new COVID cases before the holiday weekend.

“I’m not worried but I feel like it’s going to be around for a while," Christina Fields said.

“We don’t look for case numbers in the common cold or the flu – we look at hospitalizations. And when we focus on that it’s really good stuff," Luckenbach said.