LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Dee Garrett, the man injured while being arrested by Louisville Police officers this month, is calling the new Department of Justice investigation into the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) a blessing. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Department of Justice announced an investigation of the Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government and the Louisville Metro Police Department Monday

  • Dee Garrett spoke to the media shortly after the Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer addressed the investigation

  • Dee is hoping the investigation will build a gap between police and the community

When looking back at his encounter with LMPD, Garrett compared the way officers responded to protesters to war. 

Garrett hopes the investigation leads to a better relationship between law enforcement and the community especially those living in poverty. 

He believes in order to that officers and government officials will have to be more involved in the community. 

“I want to see y’all out here really trying to bridge gaps,” said Garrett. "I want to see y’all really out here trying to bring change to this community because when the west end or when the ghetto or people in poverty they see that y’all are faking because y’all talk all this big stuff y’all passing all of this money around talking about how want to help the ghetto but y’all aint out here.”

Dee’s attorney, David Mour, believes that protesters are being targeted by LMPD. He says his daughter was arrested recently for jaywalking when she was protesting with a group. 

Mour hopes the investigation means officers will be held accountable.