LEXINGTON, Ky. — The countdown is on for long term care facilities in Kentucky as they wait to receive their doses of the COVID-19 vaccinations. 

What You Need To Know

  • Long Term Care facilities will soon receive COVID-19 vaccines

  • Visitors to Sayre Christian Village have not been allowed in since March

  • Center had an ourbreak in October. 93 residents and 50 staffers caught COVID-19

  • Vaccines could be available as soon as next week

Sayre Christian Village is among the many facilities eagerly standing by for details of their doses.

“We serve the most at-risk vulnerable population, so for us, the news of a vaccine is something we are very very excited about,” said Karen Venis, CEO. She said she’s waiting for an important phone call.

“It gives us a sense of hope that we’ll be able to resume some sense of normalcy and get folks back what they’re used to knowing and seeing which is having their family come in the building and visit with them,” Venis said.

Since March, visitors haven’t been allowed inside Sayre Christian Village.

Yet, the COVID-19 virus still made its way through.

“Our COVID outbreak on October the 8th,” Venis said. “That was when our first positive case came back and from then until about two months, we had 93 residents test positive and 50 staff members.”

Long-term care facilities fall under Phase 1 of the rollout under Kentucky's COVID-19 Vaccination Plan.

Those facilities have the option to partner with Walgreens or CVS.

“One of the nice things about partnering with CVS will be that CVS will pretty much come in, they’re going to store, they’ll supply, they will actually administer the vaccines so for us it’s just making sure that everybody’s here and ready,” Venis said.

They’re now in the process of getting consent from families of the 130 residents and staff members. 

“That’s what we’re working on right now, obtaining that consent and making sure everybody that knows they can get it that they hopefully will get it,” Venis said.

Sayre Christian Village said they have a separate space in the facility to monitor their residents should they develop any reaction to the vaccine. 

Those vaccinations could start being administered as soon as Monday.