LEXINGTON, Ky. — With Kentuckians taking precautions against COVID-19, Lexington Fayette County Health Department (LFCHD) says flu cases may continue to stay down this year. 

What You Need To Know

  • Lexington Fayette County Health Department sees decrease in flu cases this year

  • Department credits COVID-19 precautions with the decrease

  • Zero lab-confirmed flu cases in Lexington as of December

“We are absolutely seeing a huge difference this year in terms of the flu. Probably the biggest reason is people are staying apart from others, they're wearing masks, they're washing their hands. But let's also not discount the fact that schools aren't in session. That is a major way that the flu gets transmitted every year,” Kevin Hall with LFCHD said.

As of December, there are zero lab-confirmed flu cases in Lexington. Looking at previous years, Hall says flu cases typically start showing up around early September. In 2019, the health department reported 742 cases and three deaths in Lexington from the flu. 

“Because of the people who are doing the things they should be doing to fight COVID-19, we're seeing that spill over into the flu as well,” Hall said.

The health department is reminding everyone that just because Lexington does not have a lab-confirmed case doesn't mean the flu has gone away.

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that the flu doesn't exist this year because it's counted as COVID-19, and that's simply not the case, there is flu in Kentucky. Go to the state website and they can show that flu has been reported,” Hall said.

Health officials are reminding Kentuckians to use the free testing sites as a resource during these times to help determine if they are sick from the flu or COVID-19.

For more information about flu cases in the state of Kentucky, you can go to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services website to see weekly reports.