LEXINGTON, Ky.— A car wash in Lexington is using its Tunnel of Terror to create a socially distanced haunted house. Devon Keigley at the Rainstorm Car Wash in Hamburg is inviting everyone to come through Friday and Saturday. 

“You know COVID has affected everyone unfortunately and this gives people you know a way to get out, interact with their family and enjoy the Halloween spirit, you know, but do so safely they remain in their vehicles not having any contact with people,” Keigley said.

Volunteers and workers help scare anyone willing to go through the tunnel. Workers are set up throughout the outside of the car wash while customers are waiting to go through the car wash, as well as inside the tunnel. Keigley says it's a great way to get the community involved but also enjoy the Halloween spirit. 

But the Rainstorm Tunnel of Terror isn’t just about the scares, they have also partnered up with Hope Center, a local food pantry to help collect canned goods for those in need. The car wash is $20 so anytime a customer brings in a canned good item they will get $5 off their car wash. Over the past few days, the car wash has been able to donate more than 400 canned goods. 

“We knew we wanted to do something for the community, and you know partnering with the hope foundation allows us to have fun but also raises you know funds for a good cause. It just nice to show that people are still together during this time,” Keigley said.

The last weekend for the Tunnel of Terror at the Rainstorm Car Wash will be October 30-31, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Keigley recommends customers come early to get their place in line.