LEXINGTON, Ky. — Mitch McConnell's campaign is getting a boost from law enforcement just two months before election day.

Tuesday, the Republican senator picked up an endorsement from the Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police.

Kentucky's F.O.P says they are the voice of Kentucky law enforcement and they advocate for those who protect and serve every day.

Clark County Sheriff and current Kentucky F.O.P. President Berl Perdue, delivered the campaign endorsement on behalf of Kentucky's largest law enforcement organization.

“Our choice for endorsement has always answered our calls or calls for assistance.

And when needed, never failed to help us find solutions to our problems.

as I stated earlier, the candidate we have chosen is and has been a champion for law enforcement and law in order,” said Perdue

Not only did McConnell accept the endorsement from the F.O.P, but the Senate Majority Leader shared that he believes that law enforcement has been on “full display” this year.

“What you're seeing I think in some of these major cities is a reluctance on the part of elected officials to enforce the law. Because of apparent sympathy with at least some of those protesting and so, I think they can talk into the Americans are intelligent enough to draw a distinction between peaceful protests and constitutionally protected activity and robbing rioting and looting and tearing down statues,” explains McConnell

This is not the first time Mitch McConnell has received an endorsement from the state’s F.O.P.

The organization also endorsed him during his 2014 U.S. campaign.