KENTUCKY — Kentucky's Secretary of State Michael Adams testified before the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee today during its discussion on November's upcoming election.

What You Need To Know

  • Secretary Adams testifies in front of Congress

  • Discusses Kentucky's own election experience, says it's best for states to decide what's best for them

  • Adams expects Kentucky's voter turnout to be about 72 percent come November

During his testimony, which was streamed from the state capitol, Adams discussed Kentucky's own election experience. Adams said it's best to let states decide what's best for them.

"Although I'm grateful for the CARES Act funding Congress gave us to reduce our costs, I would rather you give us no funding at all if more funding means you're going to tell us how to run our elections, he said.

Kentucky's election plan for November includes expanded absentee voting, three weeks of early voting, and at least one site in each county where everyone can vote on Nov. 3.

There are also measures in place to make sure Kentucky's new voter ID law doesn't hurt those who can't get an ID because of coronavirus.

"To be clear, I think all things being equal, voting in person is the gold standard, but we're in unique times, and we've got to acclimate to them," Adams said.

Also during his testimony, Adams said he has concerns about overwhelming the postal service with absentee ballots, but he expects voter turnout to be around 72 percent.