KENTUCKY — Attorney General Daniel Cameron (D) said there would be no decision on the Breonna Taylor case this week. 

What You Need To Know

  • Attorney General Daniel Cameron says no announcement on Breonna Taylor case Tuesday, or any day this week

  • Until Freedom plans to protest in Louisville this week

  • Cameron also slated to speak at RNC on Tuesday

Cameron made the announcement on Twitter, addressing rumors that he was set to announce his findings this Tuesday.

"There are rumors circulating about an announcement on Tuesday regarding our investigation into the death of Ms. Taylor. The investigation remains ongoing, and our office does not plan to make an announcement this week," he wrote in the tweet.

Social justice group Until Freedom said BreonnaCon, its four day event in honor of Taylor, will end with a nonviolent direct-action training and "massive demonstration" in Louisville Tuesday, Aug. 25.

Cameron is also slated to speak at the Republican National Convention Tuesday.