WASHINGTON D.C. — Fourth Congressional District Congressman Thomas Massie revealed he had coronavirus and plans to donate his plasma to help others recover. 

What You Need To Know

  • Rep. Thomas Massie reveals he had coronavirus

  • Massie found out he previously had the virus after an antibody test

  • Massie plans to donate his plasma

Massie first told conservative news site The Washington Examiner that he believes he had the virus in early January. 

The Republican spoke about his experience with the virus Friday morning while on The Glenn Beck Program, recalling how sick he felt. 

“I was laid out for four days, no energy, this was the end of the Christmas recess,” he told Beck. “A fever, sore throat, I laid on the couch for four days and this was before we knew what ‘rona was, but I knew I had something, and I didn’t want to give it to my family.”

Massie says a doctor gave him a strong antibiotic shot and antihistamine which made him feel better within a day.

 Massie received a COVID-19 test in July which came back negative, but he also requested an antibody test which ultimately revealed he had the virus previously. 

"I have three times the level that is required to donate plasma, so I would happily do that to help anyway if I can,” he told Beck. 

Health officials are encouraging people who have recovered from the virus to donate their convalescent plasma with coronavirus antibodies for patients trying to recover from the virus. 

“I’ve talked to doctors here in Kentucky who used that early on and are convinced that it worked,” so I’m happy to donate my plasma” 

Kentucky’s Junior Senator Rand Paul and State Senator Max Wise (R-Campbellsville) have also had coronavirus.