LOUISVILLE, Ky. — 26 billboards featuring Breonna Taylor were purchased by Oprah Winfrey and placed around the city.

The billboard has the same image featured in the September issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. The billboard demands the police involved in killing Taylor be arrested and charged.

Earlier this week, Spectrum News 1 caught up with Lucy Kaylin, the editor-in-chief at O, The Oprah Magazine. Kaylin said Oprah wants to do her part to raise awareness for racial justice with the billboards and magazine cover.

“She wants to be able to respond to the moment and do what she can and help with the important dialogues that we need to be having in our society,” said Kaylin.

The billboards appear around the city of Louisville, including downtown, I-65, the East End commuter route, and western Louisville. Each billboard — one for each year of her life — features the cover image and a call to action that reads: “If you turn a blind eye to racism you become an accomplice to it.”

Megan Janesky is the media director at Mightily. She said the billboards will grab people’s attention.

“I think just this image of Breonna’s photo going to be very powerful and impactful in this market with everything going on here. I can’t really remember a time, in the Louisville market anywhere, where something like this has happened."

The September issue marks the first time in 20 years that Oprah is not on the cover of her magazine. Oprah and the O Mag team are further amplifying Breonna Taylor’s story and the fight for justice through the billboards.

Janesky said that since her company didn’t place the billboards, it’s hard to estimate and project the exact number of reach. But, she says that with the national attention Taylor’s story has received, it’ll be hard to ignore the billboards when you’re on the go.

“You don’t think about it, but I think with a message and image as this one given all everything that is going on and how unfortunate of a story all of this is, I truly believe that this will make people stop and think."

Kaylin said there’s a long road ahead and that Oprah’s team will work with others to keep Taylor’s name spoken.

“To maybe help with dialogue, pressure, and everything that needs to happen to try to make something like this never happen again.”

The billboard directs people to visit UntilFreedom.com. Spectrum News 1 reached out to Until Freedom for comment on the new billboards but have not heard back.

Mayor Greg Fischer's office issued this statement: "We welcome peaceful efforts that highlight this transitional moment in our history and lead us to true justice for Breonna, her family, our city and our nation."