LOUISVILLE, Ky. — This Saturday, members of the Not F****** Around Coalition (NFAC) are coming to Louisville to demonstrate their first and second amendment rights.

What You Need To Know

  • Black armed militia group coming to Metro City Hall this weekend

  • The group is supporting Black people's right to the second amendment, Breonna Taylor

  • The group's leader has talked to AG Cameron, Metro Council President James

  • Cameron and James said the call was productive, James expects the protest to be peaceful

“Black pants, black button-down shirt, black masks, shotgun, semi-automatic or rifle. Pistols, hide holsters are under your arm. If you’re not in that uniform, won’t be in the formation. Period,” said NFAC leader Grandmaster Jay during a video post announcing the date the formation will happen in Louisville. 

He and other NFAC members will not be messing around with their first and second amendment rights, as both will be on full display as they plan to go to Metro City Hall this weekend. 

Fred Morris, an Atlanta-based freelance photographer, documented the pro-Black militia’s formation at Stone Mountain in Georgia on July 4 this year. 

“From everything I saw, everything was peaceful. There was no kind of violence or threats or anything like that against any other people,” Morris told Spectrum News 1. 

In a YouTube video where Jay made the Louisville formation announcement, he said this isn’t a protest, demonstration or march, but it’s a formation made up of NFAC members in uniform open carrying. Jay made it clear in the video that only those who know how to shoot a gun, have fired a gun, are NFAC members or who want to be inducted the day of can participate.

“Everybody else, this ain’t no spectator sport. You can come out if you want to and watch history. That’s cool, but understand the seriousness of the situation,” Jay said. “Breonna Taylor was murdered in her home. The conversations are still on going. I’m not going to reveal the details. However, I’ve got to move. I’ve got a move on this one,” Jay added.

This week, Jay, Attorney General Daniel Cameron and Louisville Metro Council President David James had a conference call. 

“The conversation was productive.  Attorney General Cameron discussed his continued commitment to moving forward with our office’s independent and thorough investigation into the death of Ms. Taylor,” said Attorney General spokesperson Elizabeth Kuhn via email.

James also said the call was productive. 

One part of the conversation was about where Breonna Taylor’s case stands right now. James said that Cameron stated he has only had the investigation for three weeks.

“It’s a pretty lengthy investigation, and to independently look at everything in it, that’s going to take some time. Grandmaster Jay advised him that he had worked in CID, criminal investigation division in the military, and passed, and that he understood the process.”

The other side of the conversation was about Saturday. James said he expects the formation will be peaceful, and he is not concerned about the NFAC. However, he is concerned about counter protestors. 

James said the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) has been in conversation with NFAC. 

“And they [LMPD] are also getting ready to be in conversation, probably are at this very moment, with a group of counter protesters that will be showing up also to provide them with information to make sure they are safe also,” James said.

Morris said when he photographed and livestreamed the NFAC formation protest in Georgia, some members wore green wristbands which show they have been background checked.

“They’ve been vetted; that they have an open-carry permit, and that they are legally able to carry firearms in the open as their second amendment right,” Morris said.

Morris said the formation July 4 had about 300 NFAC members in attendance. Jay has already announced he expects five times that number in Louisville on Saturday. Morris said what he witnessed and documented Fourth of July was a beautiful thing.

“It’s just really beautiful seeing all people come together like and really express, you know, their beliefs. It was a very memorable experience, I’ll say that,” Morris told Spectrum News 1.

Morris also livestreamed on Facebook four times during the NFAC formation with those videos going viral. Collectively, all four videos have received over 1.8 million views. 

Morris said he received many messages and comments in support, but he received many from those against the formation.

“Just kind of seeing all the comments and things like just kind of opens your eyes to ‘Wow, this racism thing is still alive and well,'” Morris said.

Jay said in the Louisville formation video announcement that this is black people’s moment. 

“And they’re not gonna take that from us. They don’t want to see this because if you thought what was historic happened at Stone Mountain, I know my people now. I know you all awake, and I will see you in Louisville,” Jay said.

The NFAC formation Saturday, July 25, 2020 is expected to start at 12 p.m. ET. Jay said he will announce the exact location and start time later this week.