LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Everyone's life has been impacted during the coronavirus pandemic. 

For one Kentucky veteran, it’s the reason he lost his job, making it difficult to provide for his family of seven. The Veteran’s Club found out about his situation and stepped in to help.

Andrew Lee, on the receiving end of one of the group’s recent missions, had never heard of the club. He just reached out to a friend who happened to be a member and asked if he was interested in buying one of his possessions for cash. 

“We just couldn’t sit back and allow that to happen when we have so many people out there ready at a moment's notice to help,” said Jeremy Harrell, the founder and CEO of Veteran’s Club. 

The Veteran’s Club ended up with more than $500 worth of groceries along with hundreds of dollars in donations to help one brother in arms provide for his family until he could get back on his feet.

“He was amazed by the generosity from people who don't know him but still care about him all because he wore the uniform,” Harrell said.

The Veteran’s Club may be best known for its national programs like the Equine Therapy Program, but it’s this kind of effort that got the club going in the first place.