KENTUCKY — The Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) released a public service announcement to remind Kentuckians that most hospitals have resumed non-urgent elective surgeries, procedures and clinic visits, following the state’s loosening of coronavirus restrictions.

What You Need To Know

  • KHA says it is safe for those without COVID-19 to return to hospitals

  • Hospitals implement health and safety procedures

"Kentucky has done a great job of managing the disease, you know, we're not a hotspot like a lot of other places, and our hospitals are safe,” explained Nancy Galvagni, president of KHA.

KHA says many hospitals across the state have updated and implemented new procedures to protect the health and safety of all patients.

"If you come to the hospital, you see everyone wearing a mask. We're taking a lot of extra steps as far as cleaning our environment. Social distancing, spacing people apart, using traditional ways of making sure that social distancing is in place, such as in some areas," added Galvagni. "Patients may be asked to wait in their car and get a text message as to when to come in, or if there is a waiting area people are going to be spaced out, you're going to see more barriers in place plexi-glass and a lot of different areas to keep that distancing in place.” 

According to KHA, many patients with COVID-19 symptoms are being diverted at the emergency room entrance to a separate area of the hospitals, so they don’t mix with patients who have non-COVID 19 issues.

"We screen people, everyone that comes into the hospitals having a temperature check or we are screening them for certain questions, you know like have you been around anyone that's been positive? People who are showing respiratory symptoms, we have them go through a separate entrance," mentioned Galvagni