LOUISVILLE, Ky.  The Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression wants to keep everyone fed and hydrated. The alliance has been a part of the Louisville community for the past 40 years, showing up in times of need. 

 Louisville's west end is a bit of a food desert so when a grocer like Kroger at 28th and Broadway has to close, even for one night, it puts a strain on residents in the community. Kroger you'll remember was forced to close Tuesday because of overnight looting, it reopened Wednesday morning but without the pharmacy. 

Alliance co-chair, Shameka Parrish-Wright says the community must step up to fill the void when resources like Kroger are unavailable. 

“We need people healthy and we need to get them through the long haul of this and so yes it's our job as a community to pull up when there’s a gap in our community, and so we’re trying to replenish what happened and give back what we can to give that Kroger’s time to reopen and be that source that it has been in the community since I moved here nearly 20 years ago."

Tuesday night, the alliance set up stations, or as they called them, "giving trees" in downtown and in the west end. The stations provided essential supplies such as water and hand sanitizer along with sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables. The items were donated by members of the community and were given away for free. 

Parrish-Wright said being a light in a time of civil uncertainty, not only helps to honor the memory of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee but shows how important it is to be apart of history. 

“I always say the least you could do is feed someone. Throughout the social justice movement and in Civil Rights history, it's Aalways been groups of people that have fed the people to keep them nourished so they can be in it for the fight. It feels like deja vu, it feels like we’re bringing back something that has been missing,” said Parrish-Wright. 

Parrish-Wright said Louisville is a great example of a community that’s present, organized, peaceful, and fueled to fight for justice. 

“We’re here together as one sound about what happened to Breonna Taylor. We’re many instruments, but we’re one band, one sound and we’re going to feed and take care of the community." 

 The Kentucky Alliance of Racist and Political Repression welcomes volunteers and you can contact Parrish-Wright on her Facebook page.